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I’m Yvonne Baldle-Agboton.

 20 years experience in international corporate management, 3x Award winner, single working mom and the creator and founder of  The Success Happiness Academy and Co-founder of FrauFUTURE.   

My life transforming program “The Success Happiness Strategy TM” enables women in the workforce to successfully elevate their career and at the same time life a healthy work life balance. Living in tune with their aspirations. Having Success BEYOND STANDARD Norms.  

I have helped many men and women in the corporate world focusing on finding the best way to integrate different parts of their lives that are constantly shifting. And most recently under the challenging influence of COVID-19. 

I’m trained by ANIMAS, accredited by the International Coach Federation and the Association for Coaching and certified by the Chamber of Commerce Germany.

The world has changed so dramatically in the past few decades, and people across the globe now

realise there is no such thing as a

“job or employer for life”.


As a result, we’re all learning to be more self-reliant.  Coincidentally, at the same time, the field

of personal development is growing.

What’s important to YOU?

  • Want to get recognized for what YOU’re worth?
  • Want to stop constantly working overtime?
  • Want to have time for projects YOU love to do?
  • Want to be recognized for the expert you are?
  • Want to get promoted?
  • Want to be seen and valued?
  • Want to own your confidence to reach the TOP?
  • Want to change career?


Case Study

What is human perception to be successful? What is happiness? How do we live our lives these days?

This study is still ongoing. It runs since 1938, tracking the life of men. Listen to the lesson learned.

Live a meaningful life. It matters. You matter.



Veronica S. EU solutions Lead, Brussels, Belgium

“I had coaching sessions with Yva when I was in transition: preparing to start a new job and to relocate. Yva has a very practical, no nonsense approach. 

Before meeting with her, I was in turmoil and stressed because it all seemed like too much. I didn’t know at which end to tackle stuff. But after meeting with Yva, things made complete sense in my head and I had an action plan. Her coaching helped me prepare for the start of my new work because there were too many loose ends and she helped in tying them together.  

She is very very bright and a pleasure to interact with. Great sense of humor! Our sessions were very enjoyable. I highly recommend coaching sessions with Yva”.

Rohit T.Software Architect, Berlin, Germany

“I have been consulting with Yvonne for 3 months and can see the visible difference in my professional & personal life. I discussed my goals and issues in each session and Yva not only helped me to understand them correctly but also guided me on how I can tackle them.
She has given me the courage to take them heads on and that changed my future outlook.
This is not just for personality development but for the overall transformation in our life, where we want someone professionally guide and motivate us from time to time.
Yve is doing a great job in this field.”

Karen P. Online Marketing Manager, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Yvonne is a very professional and competent transformational coach. She asks critical questions that make you evaluate your thought process, and she makes suggestions on how to proceed forward with a better connection to what you want and how to achieve it.
My outlook has surely changed to a more positive mindset, and I have seen a progression in the way I handle certain situations.
I would definitely recommend the transformational coaching services of Yvonne to anyone wanting to get back in touch with themselves and their goals.”

Godelieve E. Business Owner, Berlin, Germany

“Yvonne is a wonderful warm soul, she’s an empathetic but firm coach. During our sessions, she was patient but persistent. Which allowed me to find focus in my chaos during the startup of my business.
I would recommend Yve to anyone who considers a professional coach”.

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